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This page shows RJ's event sequence, note the literary licenses in effect and that all images are of a 'work in progress' nature. It does contain speculations about the way the world and its Hosa (HOmo SApiens) species are going. Timeline speculations are in red, including dates which can't actually exist in a Higgs Field. 

During the Cambrian period of 542 million years ago, many species 'suddenly' in ten million years appeared with the ability to reproduce in cool and oxygenized environments. These species came into existence with complex and diverse molecular structures that had little previous evolutionary traces. What, then, was the intelligence in the universe that caused the creation of the intelligent molecular structures on Earth that continually evolved into even more intelligent and sophisticated life structures from then on? Creation of intelligence had to begin with intelligence and an even greater intelligence had to exist prior to the very sudden development of Cro-Magnon consciousness seventy thousand years ago.

50,000 BCE Cro-Magnons spread across Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe as climate whiplashes increase. After herds of giant animals are exterminated by climate whiplash, hungry Mesoliths discover that Neolithic Cro-Magnons growing food and keeping herds can feed them if they 'appropriate' the Neolith's harvest.

Begin interstadial, circa 10,000 years ago

7500 BCE Cro-Magnons in many river basins discover control of food and energy sources makes their survival independent of environmental disasters. But discovered simultaneously thousands of miles apart?

3500 BCE Nile, Indus, Han, Euphrates societies emerge.

220 AD Thayer Clans of the Saxons join with Alamanni, Quadi, and Frankish Germanic tribes to defeat Roman slavers, totalitarianism along the Rhine.

447 AD Thayer clans of Saxony, with Jutes, Saxons, Angeles invade Essex, England and  settle there,  finding other work than plundering, more or less.

451 AD Thayer Clans of Saxony, Teutonic tribes join with Romans to defeat barbarian Attila, defeat lasted several years.  Roman legions never again successful on the field of battle.

877 AD Thayer clans of Saxony, Britons defend  Essex and the West against Vikings, Picts and Celts.  'Camelogic' develops at this time, becomes leading principle of governing elites from then on. Camelogic is when you build a fabulous castle like Camelot in the middle of nowhere that requires every carpenter, stone mason, and tradesman in the nation to build.

1066 AD Thayers of Essex survive battle of Hastings, cousins side with William. Fifty percent Crown taxes follow, but climate whiplash is even worse.

1187 AD Thayers of Essex, bowmen in the service of Richard I, 'Liberate' Jerusalem. Some join the Templars in protecting innocent people.

1204 AD Exhausted and impoverished by the many wars of Richard and John, some Thayers join an anti-taxation lobby led by the Earl of Locksley.

1215 AD Yeoman Thayers leave Runnymede disappointed that the Magna Carta enshrines the baronial rights but not those of common law that might be a Covenant , some move from the Essex and Canterbury coasts.

1540 AD Thayers of the Thomas clan migrate to Gloucestershire. Desperation everywhere due to the mini-iceage. Constant political parasitism has become a way of life for human beings all over Europe.

1641 AD Thayers of Gloucestershire, not knowing that the Camera Stellata or Star Chamber that oppressed them was being abolished,  leave England fearing the coming  rule of the Puritan  Cromwell.  They settle in tax free Braintree, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

1643 AD Where did those Puritans 15 miles away in Plymouth really come from?  Thayers become interested in militias, tannery and shoe making.

1734 AD Thayers of Amherst, Albany and the Green Mountains join with New England (England?) militias, Mohegans and Redcoats  against French and Iroquois.

1773 AD Tea party, Boston.   Are the Thayers of Essex returning the malevolent attentions of kings and dictators? The times are those of rebirth for Humanity.

1775 AD Breeds Hill, Boston. Some 90 Thayers in various Militias and Continental Regiments take up arms against sovereign totalitarianism (and taxation).

1789 AD Thayers in various States remember the Camera Stellata and are glad that a Covenant has come that prohibits it forever. The boys in New Hampshire voted in the Constitution after a few human rights were added.

1813 AD As the Brits attack Baltimore and Washington, 22 Thayers of several United States join very irate militias pouring south to defend the new democracy, whatever that is.  The swamps and their methane bubbles in the lower District befuddle the government into inaction as the Capital burns.

1860 AD Fort Sumter.   Union regiments form with some 400 Thayers once again volunteering to fight enslavement and false aristocracies.  In many battles, more than 70 give up their lives for freedom.

1904 AD Armeg Begins, Mesolithic evolution dominates Humanity. Uncontrolled weapons of mass destruction first appear. The Proconsul and Waliya for the Day of Judgment is anointed, his jurisdiction to be created.

1917 AD Many Thayers from many states volunteer to fight against Old World totalitarianism. Black Jack refuses to let them become cannon fodder for European generals who were still fighting with Civil War tactics. 

1940 AD Nice day in Fort Ethan Allen.  

1942 AD Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  E.B. Thayer, Col. of Artillery, to Italy and  then Okinawa. Shuri Castle, DivArty counter-battery fire, fierce fighting in a homeland territory.

1946 AD Camp Drake and Ota, Japan, the ruins and spoils of war. The road through Tokyo is scary, there are many burned and destroyed buildings. The airplane factory in Ota has been blasted but still fun. The chants in the Zen monastery don't need hearing after awhile.

1947 AD Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The Comanche ride to the Red River and Texas.   Pikes Peak in the Packard is a great trip, the white sands of  Los Alamos are bright in the moonlight.  The trip east through Lubbock is strange.

1958 AD Newton, MA. Dating the high school principle's secretary at the prom, the grades were not altered, no matter what they said.

1963 AD Munsan-ni, 1st Cav Div, 2nd terrorist encounter, North Korean burp gunner. I Corp wants the trophies. Those agency people are just as dangerous in their own way.

1965 AD Pentagon's Mezzanine, the Secretaries' black box, Special Operations. A match grade 1911 with threaded barrel is issue?

1968 AD Harvard. The uncut version of Casablanca at the Brattle, the Divinity School across the street from the Electron Accelerator. Was Creation really a mathematically defined system of coherence and order as the system dynamics scientists were saying? If so, why doesn't the rule of defined systems apply to Cro-Magnons?

1969 AD Harvard Square - 'domestic' terrorist encounter, battle in the streets.  6 hours to cross Harvard Square. Thanks, Nathaniel, for Thayer Hall.  Could one really be kicked out for saying Social Darwinism had no DNA basis and that one out of eight everywhere on earth is born a xenophobe?

1972 AD Woods Hole, MA. The good ships RV Atlantis II, RV Knorr, and possibly the mine sweeper RV Chain, touch all human ports. Let's see if the same xenophobes exist everywhere. A biologically dead sea west of Lisbon.

1973 AD HP 2100 computer on the RV Atlantis II, serial no. 0001 (not octal??),   temperatures at 2000 fathoms, the scientists from the 'old school' original two-masted Atlantis not happy with computerized data taking. Slide rules, anyone?

1975 AD RV Atlantis in Antarctic waters, table-top icebergs can't be seen by ship's radar. The Zulus who live in the Valley of the Thousand Hills are friendly in spite of Apartheid.
Round trip is: Boston 16°F, London 54°F, Kinshasa 97°F, Capetown 85°F, Antarctic 27°F, Durban 92°F, Cape Verde 99°F, London 37°F and Boston -4°F(snow).

1976 AD Singapore, 5th terrorist encounter; don't use hotel back doors. But afterwards, Natasha from the Soviet ship. Was she really KGB? The Chinese destroyer captain not pleased by the RF beam that hit him, but the Java pirates off Sumatra were even less pleased.

1979 AD Baccarat, Mar del Plata casino, Argentina.  This is oceanography? Surface water temperatures continue to rise. Research  is 'in situ' as far as humanity is concerned.  'Rule of Law' is an innate hypocrisy on this planet.  El Capitan surrounded by casino heavies, secret police in Buenos Aires. How did they find out about the Recife gemstones and the slavos?

1981 AD Department of Meteorology, Green Building,  MIT.  PDP 11 series graphics programming with University of Miami. Fiedler and the Pops, W. Casey  et al....

1982 AD MIT Plasma Fusion Center, computer land (VMS? Really the beginning of Windows?), cheap Deuterium energy by 2050? Not with this kind of funding....The ITER of 2014 probably needs string theory re-design anyway.

1984 AD System dynamics (or Asimov's psycohistorians) are not quite there yet, but  the human systems of the past are beginning to go nowhere....  Operations Research at MIT and GWU is very enlightening but the Divinity School at Harvard is also still there.

1987 AD The new Tokomak construction under way. VAX/VMS computing can handle even thermodynamic, 4-dimensional nuclear modeling , but are those DARPA feeds from Los Alamos and Palo Alto  outside or inside the fence?  Lots of foreign interest.

1989 AD Honolulu and Panaluu again.  The Akua is well here but how does it's spirit fit with the Agape spirit of America or that of sundered Jerusalem? Multi-discipline analysis only leads to parts of an answer. In complexity theory, how does a singular political entity perceive equilibra?

1991 AD How did DOD create the 15 kiloton non-nuclear device, the MOAB,they detonated on the Kuwait border to open a mile-wide hole in Saddam Hussein's lines? Something the Japanese could defend themselves with without producing nukes? A ten square kilometer carpet of these from 'sunburn' type cruise missiles might be a deterrent for anyone.

1992 AD Washington, DC.  You want to write about WHAT??  There is nothing wrong with Creation so why not? The 'road maps' of Creation  need a perception of  ten interactive dimensions (Greene and Davies) but how do you measure or define them when you only have four dimensions to work with?

1993 AD The worlds of Dos, Winxx, Linux, Scorpion, and IEEE 802.11 begin their intellectually barren, albeit highly useful, attack on Humanity. The internet is a useful toy.

1994 AD The US House IT staff develops a mechanism that 'locks' legislation against earmarking two days before it is sent to the Floor. It is quickly suppressed by the leadership of both parties. What is the underground storage capacity of the Capitol Mall, enough for visitors?

1998 AD Very few seem to understand the dynamic of the Constitution. They are locked into the 'rule of law' and the belief that the Fourteenth Amendment's   'due process' clause bestows human rights instead of merely assigning privileges to  'citizens', whatever they have become.

2000 CE Web page authoring with HTML requires the technical writer to ignore substance in favor of technique. On the other hand, a web page can take the 'thousand words' principle to a new high.

2003 CE Armeg underway, continuous crises and strife is caused by the Mesolithic ambitions. The totalitarian ambitions are costing Humanity 1.7 trillion dollars per year.

2006 CE Finally a hand held mobile PC that has a usable keyboard.  Won't edit HTML for you, though.  The Empiricists are having  serious problems because the heuristic theories of the Nativists don't fit any models.

2007 CE Bell Rock, Sedona. Peace and quiet on the north slope but not for other senses. How could they have missed the alignment with Cathedral and Chimney in the 50s? Christ Church, New Zealand is a nice place for potential citizens after Tolkien's movie Orcs and Nazgul have left. Economic Collapse? Not again...

2009 CE There are elections and there are elections but its nice your Nation isn't self-defeating by trying to run the world anymore. Writing about Creational Dynamics is exhilarating but why do those evil four dimensions with all their molecular confusion get in the way of Dynamics perception instead of complimenting them? String Theory's CalabiYau space won't bring the promised land to a new form of Being; too inclusive for Being.

2011 CE The world can't really be falling apart on its own. Would a new constitutional addition that accounts for the new technologies in medicine, genetics, diagnostics, imaging, internet and lethal droids change the timeline path of the Hosa (DNA Haplogroup A, the HOmo SApiens) away from its randomized HAR1 mutations?

2012 CE Primitive Mesoliths become aware that they can dominate humanity through totalitarian technologies, form alliances of terroristic state power for the purpose of ending the advance of humanity. They as individuals cannot co-exist with an advancing human race and their survival is dependent on keeping Humanity enslaved to its primitive past.  This speculation was written into a timeline database in 1997, so what happened?

2013 CE How difficult can it be to start an Amendment process for We the People if it involves a new human right? James Madison may have been right back in 1789; a Bill of Rights or a new human right can't just be handed to the President of the Senate for ratification.  There's that referendum  requirement.

2014 CE Americans continue to try a find a 'path' for the future through elections, but the problems of 2014 grow more complex with each day. The rise of feudal oligarchies as national 'states' and 'Cartels' is a little more than they as a people can understand, even when the Founders wrote about such things in the 1780s.  But because of 21st century technologies, they can no longer count on the Constitution as written to protect their Tranquility and Posterity.




2075 CE Not there yet, but neither is the oil. Would universal heatlh as a birth right exist?

2120 CE  Not there yet, but if energy is a prerequisite for the Hosa evolution, what form is left but quantum?    Will the totalitarian machines control the Hosa ?

2394 CE Armeg ends, Mesolithic evolutionary progression ends. DNA codes become a genetic palimpsest or Humanity defined library for intelligence, advanced Sapien evolution begins but no longer Cro-Magnon.

 End interstadial,  circa 2,200 CE  


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