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RJT  wants to know what you think about this web site and the speculations on it. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or relevant websites that you think should be referenced. Please note also that items on these pages are sometimes extracts from ongoing research and are compressed into a nearly 'abstract' set.  That does not mean that all of the research by others is Pro Bono, even if it is Humanitarian Research.  Any research help is, of course,  appreciated and noted.

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  • MEMEPRIV        Definition

         The term "memepriv",  pronounced 'meempriv', is a designation that is used to invoke a copyright based on many other copyrights too numerous to give credit to each.  The internet has brought about the rapid grouping of concepts in a way that it is nearly impossible to obtain copyright permissions for all of the concepts involved in a new idea expressed on a web page.  There have, in fact, been some recent literary works in which the credit listings take considerably more of the work than the new idea itself.   The memepriv is an attempt to give a collective appreciation of other author's work without detailing them on a web page and to acknowledge that the current web page has had many other contributors, some of which may have copyrights outside of cyberspace. It is an acknowledgement that the current author of a page is not trying to plagiarize;  that there are simply too many closely related parallel thought processes to enumerate them all.  Remember, the concept of memes  is to transmit a better entity  through space and time, not slither around in the same crocodile pond.  Note that a 'memepriv' is designated as a  copy 'privilege', not a legally definable copy 'right', but the new concept based on a collective meme sequence might be a copyright entity on its own merit, with many of the meme sets in the 'fair use' legal category.   

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